Board of Directors

Temagami Community
Foundation Chair

Bill Kitts

Fundraising Committee Chair

Jessica Lewis

Communications Committee Chair

Events Committee

Jane Pearce

As a seasonal resident Jane spends 5 months per year at their family cottage on Jumping Caribou Lake.
Jane’s maternal grandfather built the cottage in 1932.

Jane was born in Toronto and worked as a Senior Account Executive for Torstar Media Group.

Jane joined the Board in June 2021. She is Co-Chair of the events committee along with Mary McTavish.

Carol Reeder

Grants Committee Member

Nominations Committee Member

Joanne Van Manen

Grants Committee Member

Fundraising Committee Member

Meghan Hope

Grants Committee Chair

Communications Committee Member

Sarah-Jane Pearce

Finance Committee Co-Chair

Events Committee Member

Wayne Potts

Communications Committee Member

Events Committee Member

Wayne is originally from Bear Island on Lake Temagami. Raised by an Irish mother & Ojii/Cree father, he experienced life in the bush first hand. As a young man Wayne learned to hunt a trap and live off the land in the  Temagami Region. Later he went on to gain his BA in Native & Cultural Studies at Trent University and a B of Ed at Nipissing University. Wayne pursued a career as a teacher and eventually a Principal/Administrator. 

Wayne and his wife Ronda, both educators involved themselves in the communities of the north where they worked, helping where needed supporting local initiatives that brought Health and wellbeing to the families and youth of these communities. 

Wayne, recently retired has returned to his homeland here in Temagami. He worked briefly as the Health Services Manager on Bear Island. He developed a Land Based for Healing approach to help facilitate healing to individuals and their families as they re-connect to the land base. 

A singer/songwriter/storyteller, Wayne released a cd about the land and its people with reflections of his personal journey in 2015. Wayne considers it an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve on the TCF Board. 

Will Goodman

Finance Committee Member

Communications Committee Member

Nominations Committee Member

Will has been coming to Lake Temagami with his family since 1966. He has participated in the Temagami Lakes Association as both a director and President. He is committed to sustaining the town of Temagami and its rich history. Will  has recently joined the TCF and participates in several of the foundations committees.

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